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The Antonov

Complexities of tightness and time constrains!
When time, size and loss of profits meet!

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One of the projects that still makes us incredibly proud, is this one where an Antonov had to be booked to make things happen for our client.

What was the objective?

Getting an oversized machine segment (replacements part) from Australia to the UK as soon as possible so the machine could keep functioning without having to encounter an extreme loss on profit.

What was the problem?

The machine was going to take around 6 months getting manufactured and sea-freighted to the UK what meant millions of dollars on profit losses.

What did we propose?

Joe Kramer, our Brisbane Exports Manager, who was in-charge of the planning and execution of the project, proposed to the client to air freight the machine to the UK.

While it was not a conventional air freight and meant higher fees, it was the most cost-efficient and convenient solution for the Food processing Company.

This was a tough and out of the box proposal as this looked extremely expensive on paper, however when the numbers were analysed the client understood that this was the most suitable business solution from whatever angle you looked at it.

The Air freight wasn’t a conventional one. The machine was not an easy task. It was an oversized piece of equipment that wouldn’t fit in a conventional cargo plane and it wouldn’t make the transfer to destination points easier either.

Its dimensions required liaising with special agencies including the police for the escorting of the cargo, energy companies to manage power lines in the way, transport companies that could carry such machinery, and so on.

We managed;

  • Booking of the Air-craft
  • Air Freight
  • Upfront payments
  • Planning and liaising with key agencies
  • Logistical movements from manufacturer to the Airport and from the Airport to final destination in the UK.

The machine was delivered on time and in perfect condition after the many hassles involved in moving oversized cargo.