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Events & Shows Logistics Case Study

Here at Wallace we have many specialties, one of them being the international movement of concert and theatre productions in which we work closely with our global network to meet tour date deadlines.

We recently customs cleared and delivered a 40ft container of stage show equipment into Melbourne under carnet. We were up against tight deadlines for the first show but negotiated the carnet and quarantine clearance swiftly without complications.

Second hand stage show equipment can be a mine field sometimes with Bio-security (Quarantine) but we were able to achieve all the clearances without problems. The freight was eventually trucked into Brisbane for the last show. Upon export clearance and delivering the container to the port for export back to the USA. We were notified by our agent at the last minute that the client had secured some early tour dates in the USA and the current routing was not going to meet the deadlines.

Our senior export manager in Brisbane started work on solutions immediately.  With vessels leaving Brisbane ports not providing a solution in routings, our manager through his network of contacts in both Brisbane ports and shipping lines was able to lift the container back out of the ports, re lodge all export documentation and have the container trucked to Sydney overnight to meet a deadline cut off for a Sydney vessel arriving into the USA to meet the first tour date deadline.

Whilst it is just another day at Wallace negotiating logistics solutions for our customers, we are very proud of our ability to do just that and continue to think outside the square to make things happen for our customers.

Special services and real customer care has always been our value of proposition.