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Exporting Processes for First Time Exporters

As a First-Time Exporter, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a ‘silly question’.  Exporting can be a daunting process and without the correct information, can be a minefield of problems with the biggest risks being not properly protected against non-payment.  Your first step in exporting should be to contact your local Wallace International Office to guide you through the process.

Research and understanding is paramount when a decision has been made to venture into the International Trading arena. Understanding the country in which you are dealing and the culture in which you are entering is a must. Research and understand your obligations, along with your rights and responsibilities. Speaking with an experienced export service provider like Wallace International can help recommend the best conditions for your business to help suit your operational and risk management requirements.

We are committed to helping Australian businesses develop on the international stage. Our core business is to help you develop and grow your business by streamlining the international trade process and minimizing any associated risks and costs. Below we have compiled an exporter’s check list to give a brief overview of the possible exporting process you may need to consider. Please be advised that once you have an understanding of how you would like to proceed, it is highly recommended that you contact an experienced Wallace International staff member to help you with the process.

The Australian Institute of Export
Since 1957, the Australian Institute of Export (AIEx) has been the peak national body for international trade courses and training. We have assisted tens of thousands of companies of all sizes and across all industry sectors, to develop and grow their business in the international marketplace.

Working with Industry experts, we deliver comprehensive training on all aspects of exporting and importing. Our training is underpinned by recognized leading texts on the process of import and export, updated regularly and available in hard copy and on-line.

AIEx possesses a wide range of training modules allowing businesses to request in-house training programs in international trade to match their specific needs.

The AIEx delivers courses and publications on:

  • Export Procedures and Documentation
  • Import Procedures and Documentation
  • Understanding Documentary Credits
  • Online Import and Export courses
  • International Trade Law and IP
  • Accredited Trade Courses
  • Australian Export/ Import Handbooks and International Trade Procedures Guidelines

For further information please visit: The Australian Institute Export

Exporters Check list:


  • Product Description and Composition
  • Research and qualify potential buyer(s)
  • Research importing country and import conditions and requirements
  • Start the export process with buyer confirmation
  • Determine terms of trade i.e. Incoterms
  • Set up tooling/ moulds for manufacturing – if applicable
  • Create Samples
  • Confirm necessary packaging and configurations/ labeling/ inners and outers
  • Production samples accepted and confirmed


  • Finalize payment arrangement
  • Manufacture Products
  • Book shipment with a Wallace International Office and consider marine insurance
  • Ship goods or arrange Wallace International to warehouse, transport and pack cargo
  • Necessary documentation requirements to be met regarding export certificates and to satisfy and letters of credit

Post Sale

  • Send original documents to buyer (or their agents) in a timely manner
  • Fulfill any necessary trading terms

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