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Licensed Customs Brokerage in Australia

Importing goods into Australia could help you grow your business exponentially, but making assumptions about customs requirements can be dangerous – and costly. Instead of risking your bottom line and reputation, we recommend consulting a customs broker for expert advice.
With onsite Customs Brokers in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, we can help you import goods into any Australian location. We can help you implement best practice procedures for the customs import clearance of your goods, minimising the risk of delays and additional costs to you and your customers.

Why Should I Hire a Licensed Broker to Assist with Customs Clearance?

In Australia, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Services provides licenses to qualified custom brokers, who can help you understand and scrutinise customs duty and taxes, quarantine requirements, trade regulations and other crucial customs documents. For that reason, relationships between brokers and clients often form before any importing begins.

Fundamentally, our licensed and highly trained brokers can explain any customs charges that relate to your operations as well as minimise the risk of mishaps, which could save you a small fortune and a lot of hard work in the long run.


Do I Need a Customs Broker to Submit Customs Declarations?

‘The Customs Act 1901 (Customs Act) provides that only the owner of goods or a customs broker licensed by the Comptroller-General of Customs for the Department of Home Affairs (the Department) can submit an import declaration to enter goods for home consumption in connection with the importation of those goods’. Department of Home Affairs

By law, only a licensed customs broker or the owner of the imported goods can submit an import declaration, but the majority of importers choose to hire a customs broker to simplify what can be an extremely complex process that poses a number of financial and operational risks. For example, you can receive a financial penalty for wrongly completing the paperwork. Plus, if your goods are detained for lengthy periods, you risk losing customers and diminishing your reputation. Our brokers will help you obtain and fill out all required customs documentation so that you can get on with business as usual without having to contend with the authorities or amend mistakes.


What Complexities and Implications Are Inherent with Customs Clearances?

Most shipments with Green Line Status experience very few problems with clearance processing. However, Red Line Status Shipments, which refer to problems with random checks, inspections, holds, audits and more, can cause lots of problems for importers. Our customs brokers are well-versed in the technicalities of the Customs and Quarantine Clearances of imported goods, allowing them to remove the challenges associated with legislation, documentation and dealing with the relevant agencies.

Not only can we help you understand the complexities of customs duties and the importation process, but we can also make sure that all the required information is provided to make the clearance process prompt and seamless, alleviating risks associated with detentions, unnecessary storage and penalties.


Our Customs Clearance Services for Imports include;

  • Electronic lodgement of Full Import Declaration (FIDS)
  • Tariff Advice Applications
  • Valuation Advice Applications
  • Tariff Concession Orders (TCO) applications
  • Tradex and related industry schemes
  • Duty drawbacks/refunds
  • Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
  • Landed costing
  • Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Acts and Regulations
  • Prohibited Import Acts & Regulations
  • Self-Assessment Clearance (SAC)

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Please call us before purchasing any goods overseas to import into Australia. Understanding Trade Terms, key documentation and regulations is not an easy task.

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