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Festival Cargo Case Study

Handling equipment for Festivals or shows is part of our specialty area.

We recently handled the equipment for a Theatre Festival performing in ‘His Majesty Theatre’ Auckland. This cargo was 8347 Kgs 46.29 CBM. Due to the tight time line this shipment needed to be airfreighted from Adelaide to Auckland to meet the deadline.

Goods had to be collected from ‘His Majesty Theatre’ in Adelaide and returned to our warehouseReady for air freight to Auckland.

In the middle of the collection process we discovered that the shipment contained batteries. Batteries are considered ‘dangerous goods’ therefore additional documentation was involved, meaning a potential delay for shipment.

The type of batteries was un-known so we arranged inspection to identify them and with the team’s research we found the MSDS certification and completed Dangerous goods air transport packing, labelling and paperwork so shipment could proceed.

On arrival into Auckland our agent office arranged customs and quarantine clearance with no delays or missing information.

After this part of the process was resolved, additional specification on the delivery had to be taken into account. The ‘theatre in Auckland advised they needed the cargo to be packed into 40FT High cube shipping container for delivery into the theatre.

Specifications were followed to the ‘T’ in a timely matter. Goods were packed and delivered to spec.

The theatre equipment arrived in from overseas into Fremantle for a Perth festival, then we arranged for movement to Adelaide then Auckland.