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ACTA Member Wins International Freight Award

July 2013

Australian Coffee Traders Association member Wallace International has been awarded for outstanding service to the World Freight Group (WFG) at the WFG annual conference in June in Barcelona, Spain.

Wallace International are Australian import/export freight and customs clearance specialists. The company have supported and supplied the Australian coffee industry for more than 20 years.

The award was collected by Wallace International representatives Brendan Gardiner and Phil Thomas at the conference. Heather Keith from Wallace International’s Sydney office was also nominated as employee of the year. The awards were voted on by over 400 WFG offices in 93 countries.

“The award was for service to the group, both for the quality of our people and services here in Australia and the opportunities we are creating for the other WFG members across the globe,” says Josh Mikkelsen, Wallace International’s Group Trade Development and Project Logistics Manager.

“The award covers our entire operation and is something we are very proud of. In my mind, I believe that our services, facilities and people are seen as very valuable to the global group.”

In Australia, Wallace International has set itself apart by offering its clients an integrated solution to their import (and export) needs with wharf to door deliveries using its own fleet of specialised trucks and trailers.

Wallace International has more than 85 staff, and provides its clients with services that encompass everything from picking up the goods at an overseas location to delivering it right to the customer’s warehouse in Australia