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Importing Machinery Case Study

We believe it is important to share our involvement & capability in special project logistics, internationally & around Australia.

Whilst Wallace have done their fair share of projects in 36 years, this project was new & unique not only for us, but also for the importer & their customer.

This project required numerous hours of creative thinking and pre-planning strategies without incurring wharf storage or container detention under specific timeframes.

Once it was clearly established what was needed, the pricing was submitted and sometime after, we were successful.

In summary, the process involved meetings regarding Import Duty & GST liability, inductions, logistic capabilities , site inspections Australia-wide  and to plan trucking and unpacking of 70 containers on-site, into small areas and finally the strategic placement of machines into store.

Wallace ended up;

  • Arranging the labour to unpack containers onsite, de-crating, removing rubbish and handling the machines inside the buildings for waiting technicians to install.
  • Adhering to all government required confidentiality clauses, security checks, WPHS site standards and safe work management practices.
  • Working seamlessly with all parties involved to alleviate any of their concerns.
  • Working on call and having our teams onsite Saturdays & Sundays where required.
  • Completing the job on time and on budget, with much appreciation from the importer and end users.

The customer was told by numerous other parties that “this is not possible” yet Wallace International was able to make it happen.

They retained our services for the rest of this roll out over the next years.